Monday, July 8, 2013

Stampede Masters Provincial Road Race

First off, had a great long warm-up with Barrie, only to realize we went out to far and I might risk missing my start time. So I haul ass back to the car and realize Mike had locked it; With all my bottles and nutrition inside :( I scramble together a couple bottles of water and a banana and off I go to the start line. Make it just on time. Half a lap into the race I hear a whirring sound. My rear brake had become dislodged! I take it off and ride over to the feed zone. Wrench back together and off I go. Solo. Two laps later my rear tire goes flat. Teammate Adam lends me his rear wheel in the feed zone and off I go! Fourth lap I decided to pack it up and watch my race come to a sprint finish. No contest this year :(

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