Friday, October 29, 2010

October 2010

Summer's definitely ended. Sub-zero morning temperatures, pitch-black mornings, double-digit afternoons, backpack crammed full of the morning's winter gear, abundance of wildlife encounters (daily deer, and frequent porcupine sightings, a coyote), and yes, even snow...

And I'm just talking about last Friday!
Yes, the same day a porcupine stealthily shot a quill at my tire and caused me to flat on the way to work. Ok, no quill was ever found, but it could have been dislodged by the rotation and contact w/ the fork.

  • ~700 kms cycled
  • 29 kms ran (still way below target)

Friday, October 1, 2010

September 2010

Well, first full month without a race.
Started out a bit depressed about that, thinking of how long that off-season is in road racing.
Considered cross, but I have enough trouble getting better at all the elements of road racing (TT, hill climbing, sprinting, endurance, etc.), that I should just focus on that for now.
Plus I wouldn't be able to just "try it and have fun"... I'd want to improve and take it seriously.
Kind of need a break from that. Not necessarily 8 months, but oh well...


  • 815 km cycled
  • 10 km ran (yes, weak, I know)
No excuses really. A week's worth of *almost sick so I don't wanna get worse*, combined with a bit too much rain, and a helluva lot of side-work has kept me from lacing em up and running.
Hope to do closer to 50 or 60km per month this winter.