Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 2010


Well, although I didn't take part in any races this month, it has not been without it's drama.

The month marked the beginning of the Calgary rainy season, with about half the days of month experiencing some of the wet stuff. Despite this, May 7th was Calgary Bike to Work Day, so after my quick 30km ride into work (swinging down to meet up with Mike), enjoying some tasty pancakes (Mmmmm) and a couple hours of work (shop closed early for a reno project), I completed my first ever metric century ride, by myself! Went West along the bike path to Edworthy park, up that big-ass hill (love it!!), then over old banff coach road to springbank road. Took this all the way to hwy 22, turned South to 22x through Bragg Creek, then back East, out of the hills and back to the city. Took me 3h10m, which I was pretty happy with considering I had to ride the whole distance by myself, and had my backpack on. Learned a thing or two about nutrition along the way too.
2 gel packs does not suffice for >3hr endurance challenge. Now I know.

Well, in the weeks following that epic event, I had several mechanical issues to contend with, including:
  • Full tuneup
  • New chain
  • Bent Front Derailleur
  • 2 flat tires
Another setback this month was my interpretation of the Body Worlds exhibit. Except that I decided it would be more interesting to perform and demonstrate this art on a live specimen, myself.
Yes, chaulk one more up to bonehead decisions. Cutting some PVC pipe for my underground sprinklers, enjoying a rare sunny Saturday afternoon with the kids in the backyard...
(the following re-enactments depict the conversations that ensued)

"Kieran, run inside and get daddy a big towel, QUICK!!!"
"Thanks, now please get my cel phone and my wallet, lock the dog in her crate, find your sister's shoes and put them on her, log the doors, and meet me at the front steps while I call your mother!"
"Thanks, no, you cannot go play at the neighbour's house right now, mommy will be here soon to take us to the hospital"

Well, 4 hours (love Canada Health Care system!), a gallon of blood, and 5 stitches later, I'm back home, and a day later I'm back on the bike. It doesn't really bother me, but I definitely cannot run on that leg.
A week later, Kieran helps me remove the stitches, leg is healing nicely, and I start to regain some bounce in my step. A week off running and ready to start again.
Ride to work Tuesday after the long weekend. Ride was really nice, but my dismount not so much... snagged my leg on my saddle and ripped open the shallow clotting that was keeping my leg intact!
Back to the Dr, and 3 more stitches. Oh man... another week without running.
Still biking on it, and so far no problems there; I just use more quad when pedalling, and less rotation in my ankle.

That about sums up the month, oh, and I got spit at. Yes, spit! Ugh.
Mike and I were passing some old guy going up a windy incline on the way into work in the morning, right before the Ogden Rd bridge. Old guy was going pretty slow but was over to the right. Not all the way, but enough. I passed him on his left, pretty close to the middle of the path. Another guy was coming down the path, coming in quickly as he was descending, and I didn't really see him until quite late. I was not on his side of the path, but he was apparently very uncomfortable with my encroachment, and yelled "idiot" at me, followed by what sounded like a spit (he was already past me when I heard it).
Mike told me, "hey, that dude just spit at you!"
Couldn't believe the idiots out there.
Stupid thing is that I've seen this guy almost every day, wearing the same red/white/blue jacket (looks like Crankmasters). It's not like you can be anonymous on the pathway when you engage in road rage... it's way too small a community.
This story is not yet finished obviously...

Update (5/31): It's been raining non-stop since mid-way through last week and I have opted to skip risking infection and general discomfort by taking transit to work instead of the bike. Today it's started clearing up though, so tomorrow should be a go!
I did go for my first run in 2.5 weeks today at lunch. Leg felt good, after some initial stiffness. Still managed a sub 5-min/km performance, despite the light effort level.

Totals are pretty sad for this month: just 835 km biked, 37 km ran.
Pigeon Lake RR coming up this weekend so I'll just be putting trying to avoid injuring myself this week.

Monday, May 3, 2010

April 2010

Highlights and stats for April.
  • First road race completed, Speed Theory's Prairie-Roubaix - results/pics not yet posted.
  • Biked and ran for over 1000 kms! (1001.36 to be precise.)
        Breakdown - Run: 81 km, Mountain Bike: 190 km, Road Bike: 730 km
        Despite: 2 flat tires, 1 bent seat post, 1 week of 40-70 km/hr wind & rain, 1 day of snow storm + aforementioned wind
  • Fastest run on April 27th, 11km at 4:24 min/km
  • 44 separate workouts (so at least 44 showers!)