Friday, March 1, 2013

February 2013

Well well, what a different month this was than last.

Tom climbing up a desolate road in Mongolia, AB
We in Calgary could not have asked for a better February!

Looking back at 2012, I commuted to work once or twice, but had zero weekend rides.

By contrast, this year I had 6 outdoor rides over the 4 weekends!

Ok, there were a couple of days when it was a *little* less enjoyable than others, but nonetheless it was ride-able.

Tom Kenny posted a hilarious account of the final ride of the month on the STC forum.

Finally! Rolling back into Longview
after being tossed in the ditch.

Some stats for February:
  • Run: 8 runs, 85 km, 7 hours
  • Bike: 15 rides, 587 km, 6,300m elevation gain, 36 hours.
  • Strength: 4 workouts, 4 hours