Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March 2013

Libby, Montana - Speed Theory Training Camp

4 days, 630 kms, 20 hours, 100,000 pedal strokes. 
What a trip. So many variables, so many things could have gone wrong.
First of all, where the hell is Libby??
After taking his high school protractor to the map around Calgary, Marc discovered this self-proclaimed City of Eagles* nestled snugly in the Kootenai National Forest.

* "City" is certainly an overstatement: it has a population of 2,618. It does boast the 8th busiest train station in ALL of Montana!

There had been no reports of any cycling happening in this area, few Strava segments with little activity, and unknown road conditions.
STC Headquarters

What we encountered however, was nothing less than a cyclist's paradise:

slightly above seasonal warm conditions (avg temps between 15 and 18C), friendly locals, well-kept roads, and $1 beers (yes that's right, $1 !).

How it went down:
  • Day 1: Might as well get the longest, gnarliest, hilliest, meanest ride out of the way first. 188kms around Lake Kookanoosa, featuring 17 categorized climbs on MapMyRide! 'nuff said. 
  • Day 2: "Recovery" ride. Only 128 kms, mostly flat save for a category 3 climb up a gorgeous, paved logging road.
  • Day 3: Yaak Mountain. Ok it's not called that, but any of the other 5 guys slugging up the category 2 climb on Sunday will know exactly what I'm talking about. 156 kms.
  • Day 4: Fast out and back to Thompson River. 162 kms.

As for the rest of March, it was a lot more snowy than February, but nice enough for a few outdoor rides.

Stats for March:
  • Cycling: 21 rides, 952.89 kms, 47 hours, 8,386m elevation
  • Running: 7 runs, 68 kms, 5.75 hours
  • Strength: 4 workouts, 3.5 hrs