Saturday, November 3, 2012

October 2012

Well, summer has certainly come to an abrupt and painful end in Calgary.
Combine that with the sudden demise of my trusty Caravan and subsequent dealings with loaner car and shopping for a replacement, training volume this month was at a yearly low. In fact, the last time I managed less hours than this month was last October, so it seems to be a down-month for me historically.

Combine that with Thanksgiving and Halloween, and I typically put a few pounds back on; no exception this time!

I did add calisthetics back to my routine however. Kieran and I started doing the 100-pushup challenge, and we threw in a weekly round of pullups for good measure. Damn that little boy is strong! Gonna have to keep him in check before he starts making me look bad!

Highlights for October:
  • Bow Cycle Cross - worn out tires, couldn't stay upright.
  • Beans N' Barley race - snow! Nuff' said.
  • 7 Runs, 66 kms, 5:30 hrs.
  • 13 Strength Workouts, 4:30 hrs.
  • 17 Rides, 285 kms, 16 hrs
    • Cyclocross: 6:30 hrs
    • Indoor: 5:45 hrs
    • Road: 4:15 hrs