Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012

So, having spent much of last month reading about training and racing, I was able to piece together my training schedule for the year.
I decided to start with the periodization and macro-cycles from Joe Friel's Cyclist Training Bible, using the sample workouts and techniques from Training/Racing with a Power Meter.

Also acquired a new trainer, the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. At first I thought I made a mistake buying it; touted by many online as the best trainer to perform high wattage intervals, I was disappointed to spin out past 900W - cadence of 173! I've since tightened the resistance unit, ordered the larger flywheel, and decided that for true 5-10 second max power tests I'll have to be on the road.

It was definitely a difficult month, between work and family stressors, and long base hours indoors. That said, I feel stronger on the bike and am seeing my various interval maximums increased over December.
Started rest week now, and although I've mostly done endurance zone work, I feel I could improve on my FTP test.

This month has continued to pleasantly surprise me with above seasonal weather.
Yes, there was a solid week of -30, but it was surrounded by weeks in the plusses, even double digits!
Managed an outdoor ride with Mike and Darryl on the 8th, and a solo trek up the road to Nepal on the 29th!

Still waiting for ABA to release their calendar for the year so I can finalize my training dates, and decide on which triathlon I could do. I'm thinking about the Lake Chestermere sprint in mid July, and possibly the one in Banff in September.

Numbers for January:
  • Bike: 38 hours, 24 workouts, 208 outdoor kms
  • Run: 4 hrs, 6 workouts, 45 kms
  • Swim: 2 hrs, 4 workouts
  • Total: 44 hours

Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 2011, Brief Year In Review

Eric and I in Rabobank training ride

Totals for December:
  • Run: 4 workouts, duration of 2:22, distance of 30 kms. Twice weekly maintained until the last 2 weeks of the year.
  • Swim: 5 workouts, duration of 2:26. Also a 2 week break in final 2 weeks.
  • Bike: 16 workouts, duration of ~26 hours, with ~720 kms. Included in this were 13 rides on the trainer, 2 on roads (love Houston winters!), and one mountain bike excursion with Vince and Eric (another one with just Eric on Jan. 1st but doesn't count toward December numbers.)
Vince and Eric at Meyer Park
Some notables of this month include

Amble with Angus
A 5-ish run for charity on a Friday morning, around Prince's Island. Several hundred runners, including Darryl and a whole posse from Mike's company.
With some slick cornering but otherwise nicely laid out circuit, I was very happy to record my personal best run speed at 4:09/km!

Vince at Meyer Park
With this acquisition I have redefined my winter training/riding completely. I no longer rely on my winter commutes to exercise, which was turning out to be more of a stress reliever and bike handling workout than a good endurance ride. Now, in the basement, I'm finding stats and hockey and occasional sufferfest videos to keep me preoccupied. Also been good to do some FTP and other threshold testing to establish my baselines for 2012.

Eric at Meyer Park
Family vacation to Texas, included a couple of nice (outside) mountain and road bike rides. Feeling of good form but not pushed too hard on any of them. Good for December.

Eric at Huntsville Park


On June 1st, I switched from MMR to Garmin Connect.
On December 1st, I added WKO+ to the repertoire, but am still using GC as well.

Yearly Totals: 
  • Bike: 7600 kms, 276 hr (mostly attributed to a horrible Jan-Mar)
  • Swimming: 8 kms, 8 h (only started in last 2 months)
  • Run: 417 kms, 37 h
Huntsville State Park
Some notables:
  • First triathlon, 
  • First run race in a while, 
  • First cyclocross race
  • 10 Road Bike Races: BBF x 3, JayLap x 3, TdB x 2, Stampede Masters RR, Provincial RR.