Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 2011

About to embark into the cold
Full speed into a plain white wall

Well, this month illustrated the glorious see-saw weather we can get in Calgary fall/winters.
Not complaining; every day of snow or wind storm was was succeeded with above an seasonal day!
I managed to best my October numbers in all 3 disciplines!

Every time I resigned myself that my dry-road commuting days were done for the year and I should prepare myself to ride indoors, everything thawed out again!
As for the swimming, I'm starting to feel more comfortable, doing as much as 4 straight pool lengths without a break.
Watched a great video of a world class swimmer, Grant Hacket doing freestyle that helped me focus on my glide and propulsion.

I've also begun doing some strength workout incorporating my former Crossfit exercises with bike sprints! Was sore for 3 days afterwards...

On the run-front, I've been doing some intervals with guys from work, and have registered for a 5k charity run on Dec. 16th, the Angus Ambler.

Finally, probably the most exciting development this month for my training was the acquisition of a Quarq CinQo Power Meter!
Took me months of deliberation and research, going with it's extensibility to use with my Road, Time Trial and Cross bikes, as well as it's accuracy and reliability (and availability - thus eliminating the Garmin Vector.)
I took it for my first ride on the trainer yesterday to perform an early winter FTP test.
Results were less than flattering and definitely lower than late August when I did my LT test with Jack.
Good motivation though!

A summary of my results this month:
  • Swim
    • 7 workouts
    • 4 kms
    • 3 hours
  • Bike
    • 27 workouts, including 3 indoor
    • 592 kms
    • 23 hours
  • Run
    • 8 workouts
    • 60 kms
    • 5 hours