Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 2011

A rather lacklustre month by all accounts.
Between glacial freezing, and a major mechanical setback, the numbers just weren't to be.
I did manage a couple nice runs amidst the lowlights.

Some stats:
Cycled: 210 km (started riding the trainer on the Orbea - fun bike, HATE the trainer...)
Ran: 13 km

As for the aforementioned mechanical, here's what happened.
Early one Thursday morning, as I leave my freshly cleaned Devinci leaning by the front door, I prepare for my day as per the usual, brushing teeth, etc.
All of a sudden I hear a loud BOOM from upstairs! Kailyn.... I heard her wake up, and feared she must have fallen down the stairs or something.
I rush upstairs to find her in one piece (thankfully, I know), but my bike is laying on the ground.
Well, it IS a cross bike, and I have wiped out and hit a large number of obstacles this winter with it... should be fine.
I do a quick 12 point check on her and I see no apparent damage.
I depart.

About 2 blocks down the road I come to the realization that my left shifter (derailleur and brake) are not functioning. At all.Crap. Hard to ride 20km to work and back in the small ring with no front brake.
Gotta turn back. I perform a quick inspection at home but given I have about 10 minutes to change if I wanna catch my bus, I swap the bike clothes for civilian clothing, and take off.
Later that evening, I attempt to apply some of my mad mechanic skillz to the stubborn cables, but to no avail.
I would have to take it in on the weekend.

Saturday rolls around and I stop by to see my buddies at Ridleys. Service triage guy checks the cables, etc, and comes to the same conclusion as I, with the ominous warning that I may need a new set of shifters! A small hernia is born when he gives me the estimate.

Monday, I check in, as though phoning a hospital to find out about a dear friend who's just gone under the knife.
Shifters are good, says Dan, but I got some bad news for you... there's a whole in your bike (dear Liza).
Apparently, friction from tires (slightly askew) has eroded the side walls of the rear stays, one to the point of being worn completely through! (picture upcoming)
Did you not hear anything? Couldn't you feel it rubbing against it?
All great questions you ask...

Since putting on the studded tires this past November, I have a) always worn plenty of headgear (dampening sound), and b) always rode on snow/mud, and probably assumed any dragging was caused by the studs, thickers tires, extra gear, etc.
It always spun fine on my stand, so perhaps somehow my bodyweight on it affected the tire's rotation.

Anyway, now I am desperately seeking either a cheap cross frame (58"), or a proficient aluminum welder.
Until then, trainer it is...