Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Devon Grand Prix Stage Race

Left soggy Calgary behind and drove up to Devon, Alberta for this 3-stage race.

1km Uphill Time Trial

Peak around 10% grade... no mechanicals but I think I spent too much time looking at my wattage. Finished a mid-pack 13th/23 in Cat 3.

Downtown Criterium

Great warmup, great plan to lead out Mike. Except that Mike crashed out and broke his collarbone! Ouch!!
I ended up doing something stupid called attacking with 3 laps to go... made it about half a lap before getting caught, and subsequently tortured... completely toasted and out of position for the final sprint, finished 15th.

Genesee Hills Road Race

Cat 3 and Cat 1/2 race combined. Worked with Dave to keep the attacks in check, reel in escapees, protect Marc where we could. First climb up the River Valley hill I *barely* hung on, but then saw Dave and Marc still in the selection so moved up and helped open the gap. 2nd time up I hung on again, then managed to help contain a couple attacks in the finals KMs.Couldn't get up to help Marc with the leadout, but managed to pass a few guys in the sprint. Results not official yet, I think I finished 3rd in Cat 3 but got centre line relegated (again! grrr) to 7th. Finished 6th in GC.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Banff Bike Fest

A little late, but here is a brief overview of how BBF 2013 transpired for me this year in Cat 3:

Prologue - Surprise Corner

1 second slower than last year, probably in the first minute, but I felt like I had a good kick at the end. Finished 18th / 42 in cat 3. 

1A Sprint Road Race

Huge pack of cat 4's and 3's combined. Relatively easy pace on this flat course. Hard to move up in position so I sat near the back for most of the race. Saw a black bear, and a huge bull elk!
300m from the finish there was a big crash, involving Isaac :(
I went into the side ditch to avoid it, then chased back up. Finished 11th in Cat 3 I think.

21km ITT

Showed up for my start time, but was told the race was delayed around 10 minutes. When I showed up for my adjusted start time they said I was too late, and they were going to let me race after the last cat 3, incurring a 10 minute penalty. Decided to save my legs for the remaining races :(

Downtown Criterium

Kinda sketchy, couple guys making stupid corners. I moved up , back , etc. last laps I couldn't move up enough, finished 17th. 

Tunnel Mountain Road Race

Almost got shelled in the first lap but managed claw back. Hung in there, got a good position and punched up the last climb. Finished 9th overall, 8 in cat 3. I was later given a 30 second penalty for incurring a centre-line infraction...