Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 2012

Another month in the frozen tundra of Alberta.
Combine the continued cold temperatures with holiday season (read "sprint" training with Isaac and Marc), and don't expect any record numbers...

That said, I did compete in one running race. Well, more of a charity run, but combined with some inter-company side-bets going on I had plenty of motivation. ;-)
It did produce several PBs, including my fastest 5km.

Stats for December
  • Run: 7 runs, 51 kms, 4.5 hours
  • Bike: 10 rides, 14.5 hours (all indoors!)
  • Strength: 7 HIIT workouts, 3 hours
Stats for 2012
  • Run: 75 runs, 621 km, 52.5 hours
  • Bike: 319 rides, 8,300 kms, 400 hours (amazingly that was my exact target hours), 54,000m elevation gain.
  • Total duration for all activities: 470 hours

Bring on January - let the base training begin!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 2012

Well, the cold and snow has not let up at all in Cow Town. This month featured zero races, but a little more emphasis on my running.
I've also been introduced to, so I'll provide a brief review.
The concept is so simple I'm surprised it's taken so long to come out. For anyone training with a power meter currently, you've no doubt had to juggle reading your garmin computer, your workout video, or your favorite training book.
TrainerRoad lets you combine them all on your laptop. Using an Ant USB stick, your power meter data is sent directly to your laptop (as well as your garmin).
The software provides a nice overlay on top of your Sufferfest video, pre-programmed workouts, or any other movies or TV shows you like to ride to.
Like I said, the concept is great. I did run into a few issues getting it going though, as it wouldn't easily pair with my PM. After a series of random restarts, it finally did.
Another issue I ran into was that it wouldn't display my sufferfest video, after telling me it needed to encode it with H264. Perhaps another restart or two and that one will work. I've had it work fine with others, but do make sure you're not trying the remastered version unless you actually have that video.
The software is not free, but it's pretty affordable, at $10/month (1st month free).
If you live in Canada and slug it out for half a year indoors, it's only $60 for the year. I think it's worth it; anything to help the drudgery of the dreaded trainer!

One highlight of this month has to be getting in a run in Central Park, Manhattan, during a beautiful fall morning.
Also, I've begun doing some crossfit workouts at home with Kieran every week.Scares the shit out of me when he does wall walk-ups, but him and I both are now able to complete them without falling over!

Some stats for November:

  • Strength: 12 workouts, 4.25 hrs
  • Running: 9 runs, 77 kms, 6:40 hrs
  • Cycling: 13 rides, 187 kms, 14:18 hrs (5 hrs on the CX bike)