Thursday, July 4, 2013

June 2013 & Canada Day Criterium

Finally it is starting to feel like summer in Alberta, and race season is in full swing.
Between Wednesday Night Series, Midweek Mayhem Criteriums, Banff BikeFest, Devon Grand Prix Stage Race, I've made up for all the cancelled/rained out races of past months!

Despite mostly racing on the weekends, I was able to break the 1,000 kms on the bike. Will help to maintain my fitness for August races.


  • Bike: 23 rides, 1,001 kms, 33.5 hours, 9k meters elevation
  • Run: 1 run! 11km, just over an hour. (That's 4 runs in the last 2 months! Kind of sad)

Canada Day Provincial Criterium

Great course with wide corners. This was a points race, with top 4 positions in intermediate sprints getting 5,3,2,1 points, every 4 laps. I got 4th in the first sprint, made it just outside the points in the 2nd. Then a break of 2 got away, with the majority team PRW represented in the break (so no chasing it down). Bici and PRW had leadouts for the remaining 2 points so kept missing out.
Decided the only chance was to take off with a guy from United after a prime and stayed away until the next prime. Won that sprint so got a couple more pts.
No contest in next sprint, then came in 4th in final sprint, after the 2 breakaways.
Official results say I came in 6th.

Here's a short clip of my sprint out of that chase/break group:


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