Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kicking Horse Cup, Golden BC

Hill Climb

Mass start hill climb in Golden BC!
Considered a Master's race, however all men started together. We left Golden and crossed the bridge and it was on! 13km Cat 2 climb! Ouch. I let a dozen guys go right at the base of the first climb, and rode w/ Thomas for most of the way up, hoping for guys to drop off.
Didn't really happen, only caught a couple guys.
Finished 5th in my age group.
Here's a nice pic of the final rise to the finish!

Australian Pursuit Master's Road Race

"As per BC Masters Association rules, the Australian Pursuit Road Race starts with 70 year olds first, 6 minutes to 60 yr olds, 5 mins to 50 yr olds, 4 mins to 40 yr olds, 3 mins to 30 yr olds. Women will race with men, 15 yrs their senior."
Sounds simple enough. Except for the 1000m elevation, largely accumulated in two long climbs.
It was a 30 km needle-shaped course, which we lapped twice. The first lap was spritely, with several attacks, but none stuck. It did dwindle down the pack, especially up the first long climb.
Managed to hang on to the selection of 10 guys, including 2 juniors. We saw the 40 year olds split apart and I think that inspired our group to catch them. 2nd time up that long climb, and our selection broke apart. I was in the 3rd group of about 3 guys at the top, and the group in front had caught a big group of 40 year olds. We would catch a few more stragglers on the long descent to the finish. Going into the final 700m I launched my depleted sprint. Finished 5th in my age group, 7th overall.
Pretty pleased considering the amount of elevation concentration in the last 2 rides!


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