Monday, July 15, 2013

Rundle Mountain Omnium


4.2 km time trial on the Nordic Centre ski roller path.

Pre-ride would have helped because of it's technical nature. Nonetheless, I felt I rode it much better than last year. In fact, I knocked 20 seconds off my time from last year. Finished 11 or 12th in Cat 3.


Fast pace the entire race. I counted 2 laps out of 25 that I would consider recovery laps. Very difficult to move up when it's going full tilt the whole time. Spent most of the race mid-pack, which meant I suffered from the elastic snapping effect constantly. Like last year, I ended up further back than I wanted going into the final lap and did not put myself in a position for the final sprint. Finished 12th.

Provincial Road Race

Woke up sore, and tired, but decided most people would be feeling this way. Imagined a break could form, so I stayed near the front. 
At the first end-of-lap turn around, I was ready to pounce. As luck would have it, Bryon H. laid his bike down in front of me, so I detoured on the gravel but stayed in it. A small split in the pack had formed and I fought to get in it. Some of the big names were in, so I thought we had a good chance to escape on the downhill. One name missing was Barrie, however, and I think he dragged the peloton back in contact. 
That first lap and a half was fast, I think 41kmph. We slowed down each lap thereafter, and I spent most of the race at or near the front. 
On the final ascent to the finish I hung on as hard as I could. Lost Barrie's wheel in a brief regrouping before the final kicker, then buried myself up to the finish line. Ended up 9th. Not too displeased considering the profile of this course.

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