Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dark Knight Cross

One of many entertaining obstacles 

Cyclocross racing at night, what could possibly go wrong?

What went wrong:

  • Barely any warmup, and only a partial pre-ride of the course prior to starting.
  • Near disaster in the first 100m as racers converge onto a narrow paved pathway - my trepidation cost me a major drop in position.
  • Clipping in - lost time on each obstacle by not clipping into my pedals quickly after remounting. Often struggling with the corner/climb immediately proceeding such remounting.
  • More crashes. On the logs, after the jump. More bruising and bleeding, sore bones in the morning.
  • Sand pit - inability to test it out during warmup, I nearly flew over my handlebars the first time entering the sand unexpectedly. Decided to mostly run through them, which is exhausting.
  • Getting my ass handed to me by the juventus kids dressed up as banana, pig, and one in a bathrobe.
  • Almost got lapped!

What went right:

  • Very fun atmosphere, people in costumes, handing out cowbells. Brought Kieran and he had a blast. Definitely one for the spectators.
  • Great course to experience all types of obstacles and technical challenges. By the end of the race I was feeling a lot more comfortable.
  • Weather held up perfectly, despite forecast of rain.
  • Didn't get lapped - barely! First time in any race where it was a real possibility.

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