Wednesday, August 8, 2012


A mid-week time trial that binds Tour De Bowness with Jason Lapierre Memorial, this race was held on the same course as the Crankmasters Adrenaline ITT in April.

My plan was simple, try to keep a similar wattage as last time, somewhere above 285.
Looking at the startlist, containing such time trial specialists such as Stephen Kenny, Rick Courtney, and Trevor Sorensen, as well as the all-rounders already ahead of me in GC, I was really not expecting more than hopefully top 10.

Lunch around 1, lasagna. PB&J Sandwich around 3. Banana and Hammer Gel right before the race.
Borrowed an STC skinsuit (note to self: Large - fit perfect) and some sweet 80mm rims from Trev. Gearing was a bit fucked with the new wheel but thx to Mike got it to shift nicely just in time to get in a quick warmup (15 mins or so).

With a favorable tailwind going out, I flew out the gate. First lap (5k) was I averaged over 48 kmph!
Watts were a little high, but not enough to worry me.
Second lap, ending at the turnaround, was still pretty fast, 46.4, although less Watts (closer to my target).
Didn't turn very well but got back up to speed/watts quickly.
I counted the time to my 1-min man, and he was still one minute ahead of me at the halfway point.
That concerned me a little, although in retrospect with that tailwind I don't think there was much difference between most guys in the first 10k.

Lap 3 I ran into a bit of headwind, although it wasn't as bad as I feared. Managed to average over 38, and now I was seeing my 1-min man getting closer, as close as 20 seconds now.

Lap 4 was more of the same, although I did struggle to keep the wattage high. Many times did my minimum-power alert start beeping at me to HTFU!

Passed 1-min man with about 2 km to go, although I had to go well over 300W as he'd picked it up a bit too at the end. Finished lap 4 with a speed of 38.3, which considering I dialed it up in the last 2 km tells me the first 3 were below my average.

Official time was 28:37, with an average speed of 42.3 kmph. Averaged 290W.

Results are here.

In comparison with April 29th:

Distance20.18 km 20.28 km
Time 28:39:00 30:36:00
Avg Speed 42.3 km/h 39.8 km/h
Moving Time 28:38:00 30:29:00
Avg Moving Speed 42.3 km/h 39.9 km/h
Max Speed 52.3 km/h 50.7 km/h
Avg HR (bpm) 168 bpm --
Max HR (bpm) 182 bpm --
Avg HR (% of Max) 91 % of Max --
Max HR (% of Max) 98 % of Max --
Avg Power (W) 290 W 289 W
Max Power (W) 764 W 662 W
Normalized Power (NP) (W) 293 W --
Avg Bike Cadence 97 rpm 95 rpm
Max Bike Cadence 114 rpm 127 rpm
Avg Temperature 28.5 °C 14.5 °C

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  1. Good job Reinier, all these races this week are really going to lift your fitness...and your scar vs skin ratio too. You guys are all mega tough racing day after day! What's left? I guess I could go check.