Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WNS - 14km ITT

Wow, I know time trials are supposed to be painful, but comon... wind and rain and cold...
Good warmup, but the temperature dropped to about zero by the time we were done, and my gloveless hands were so numb I couldn't work my zipper.

Thanks to our eagerness to get home early, Mike and I signed up 1 and 2 again.
This time, with 30 second intervals, and a hilly course, I would for sure see him go flying past me. I made it nearly half way before he went flying past.
The course offered some rollers and a gusty crosswinds, causing our overall wattage to be lower than usual.
It was hard to keep the power high during the descents, when the wind would make you lean so far over. Ditch or traffic seemed likely fates.

Preliminary results just went up, looks like I came in 8th / 43. Not too bad. The guys ahead of me are really fast dudes.

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